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We do not only bind body parts, we also combine the needs of clients with valuable solutions.

… as parts of the body are joined, we also connect:

  • the needs of clients with valuable solutions
  • quality of performance with demanding dates
  • people with technology
  • experience with the desire to grow professionally
  • simulation with reality
  • values with business
  • decent jobs with human potential
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t-mech was founded in 2006.

t-mech was founded with an initial focus on the design of various interior car components such as centre consoles, head restraints or instrument panels.

After one year of the company’s existence, a new division was established, focusing on the development of robotic lines. These are used for coupling body parts by various technologies, mainly by welding, but also by riveting, gluing or clinching.

Exclusive focus on the field of robotic line development

With the time, the development of robotic lines began to dominate. This resulted in the gradual abandonment of the interior components development segment. The company now focuses fully on the development of robotic lines.

The exclusive focus on the development of robotic lines started in 2012. In this period, a partnership with a leading German design office was formed. The merger also involved a gradual expansion of the company’s competencies.

konštrukčná kancelária
konštrukčná kancelária

Planning, documentation and off-line programming departments enlarge our services

In addition to the Construction and Simulation Departments, the Department of Documentation and Planning, as well as the Department of Off-line programming, were built. This enables the t-mech company to offer more extensive customer support to their projects, leading to a capacity increase and the establishment of new branches in Slovakia and the Czech Republic.

We have branches in Slovakia, Czech Republic, and Germany

In summer 2016, EGGSS Solutions founded is based in the Czech Republic in Olomouc which later changes its name to t-mech engineering Czech.

After five years of working with a German partner, the company decided to go back on its own. By the redemption of the share it becomes a separate Slovak company again.

In 2018, in order to strengthen our position on the German market, t-mech engineering Deutschland GmbH is based in Augsburg.

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We are constantly looking for new, ambitious colleagues.


We help our clients in all the development phases of the project.

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